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Concept for a Consulting Service

by Martin Sepulveda, MD

“Optimizing workforce performance and managing health-related labor costs require systems approaches and capability because the workplace is an ecosystem with economic, social, physical and cultural components that interact to determine the achievement of these objectives.

Messages and enablement need to be consistent, aligned and redundant in each of these areas for engagement and desired behaviors to become adopted and sustained. This is why workplace safety, wellness and health promotion have greater impact on performance, productivity and labor cost when health benefits are designed to leverage these investments in coverage, clinical programs, network and cost sharing features.

Even this is not enough to optimize health-related labor cost and employee performance. Messaging and enablement for health engagement and behaviors such as efficient use of health services must also be consistent and reinforcing in policies and programs ranging from work-life and diversity to work-hours policies and the design and quality of the physical work environment.

Medlock Consulting LLC provides access to experienced professionals with proven success in applying these approaches. Medlock Consulting, a certified Woman Owned Business, is celebrating 25 years of specializing in the recruitment of occupational health professionals. Medlock Consulting enjoys a 96% successful completion rate. An astonishing 80% of the leaders Medlock Consulting places remain 10+ years with the companies in which they are placed. Another important factor is that 33% of the leaders placed by Medlock Consulting are women and ethnically diverse leaders.

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