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Our Method

Without you, the client, no search could ever reach a successful conclusion. That’s why we involve you in every step of the process. It cycles from the needs assessment and strategy development, to screening and presentation of candidates, on-site interviews, and contract negotiations.

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Step 1: Needs Assessment

One of our principals will learn about your objectives, expectations, and culture, and then shape a search solution that’s right for you. Supported by one-on-one conversations with your key players and a review of your organization’s documents, we’ll establish a blueprint for the job description, compensation, and benefits.

Most importantly, we’ll develop a multi-page profile that describes who you are, what the job is, which physician executive will best fit into your organization, and what your community has to offer.

We pride ourselves on delivering a critical, yet constructive, assessment of your organization’s culture, opportunities, and limitations.

Step 2: Search Strategy & Action Plan

A successful search hinges on a carefully drafted, step-by-step strategy that showcases your organization’s strengths and provides benchmarks for action. Tapping into the latest technologies, we will position your opportunity so top-of-the-line candidates sit up and listen. We’ll select the right mix of custom-designed direct mail, journal advertising, and telemarketing. We will identify physicians with a high potential for success in your organization, and we will pursue them.

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Step 3: Screening & Identification of Candidates

After reviewing candidates’ credentials, we’ll narrow the field to qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in and qualified for your opportunity.

Our comprehensive pre-interview licensure and credentials verification and third-party referencing process prevent last-minute surprises and embarrassments and ensure that each referred candidate 'fits' your community and organization.

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Step 4: Presentation of a Candidate Slate

After conducting face-to-face interviews, we’ll present a slate of five or six of the most qualified candidates. You’ll see a complete profile on each candidate — from clinical background and medical and management training, to academic affiliations, professional relationships, and a personal/family profile. We’ll provide a complete description of each candidate’s important accomplishments and achievements.

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Step 5: On-Site Candidate Interviews

From sharing advice on the best interview protocol and questions to troubleshooting potential 'loose cannons,' we will show you how to turn the candidate’s site visit into an impressive event.

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Step 6: Negotiating with Your Preferred Candidate

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, we will help you fine tune the delicate points of a compensation package. Depending on your needs, we can provide support in extending the offer, negotiating the salary and contract, and coping with contract hot spots. And if you prefer, we can also help with ideas for spouse and children transition, house-hunting trips, and orientation.

But our commitment won’t stop there. We will stay in touch with you long after your new physician arrives on site. Our goal is your continued satisfaction.

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