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Medlock Consulting is a physician search firm dedicated to locating, evaluating, and facilitating the placement of quality physicians in superior environments. To us, this means never taking shortcuts and always maintaining professional and personal integrity.

Simply, we find great doctors! In most cases, these are the people who were not looking to change jobs until skillfully and professionally presented with an opportunity by a seasoned search consultant. Most other firms copiously rely on advertisements and internet job postings. These methods only serve to attract active candidates who are perhaps unhappy with their current professional environment and whose resumes are scattered in numerous facilities and recruiting firms.

Delivering great candidates who are otherwise unreachable is our forte. As supported by numerous testimonial letters, the great majority of our placements are superior candidates who were not unemployed or actively looking for a job when approached by one of our consultants.

Partnering with a firm capable of attracting individuals who work in a field with a nearly zero percent unemployment rate can give you a vast competitive edge. The pressure hiring managers, directors, VPs, and human resource professionals feel from spending such a great deal of time on so few people can be relieved when relying on the Medlock Consulting team to bring on board certified physicians in such great demand.

Medical Team


We promise to begin by understanding your environment and your needs, so that our research and efforts become an extension of your organization in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

We promise to bring you only highly qualified physicians that will help you achieve your company goals.

We promise that every search we provide to you will be as if we were a member of your team, one that you can trust.

We promise that, in keeping with our 25-year tradition of reliability, our service to you will be second to no one.

We promise that the technology we utilize in our quest for you will be used to improve accuracy and efficiency and will always produce qualified and talented physicians for you.


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Lilly Romero

Executive Recruiter


Crystal Cartner

Financial Manager


Certified Woman Owned Business


David Clark Award Recipient

Founder, Nyla Medlock, was named as one of the nation's 50 Most Influential People in Worker's Compensation and Occupational Medicine

On December 2, 2021, a memorial symposium was held at the 2021 NECOEM conference to celebrate Nyla Medlock’s  legacy. The hybrid event was jointly sponsored by the Harvard Chan Occupational Medicine Residency Program and NECOEM. Over $25,000 was raised for two new scholarships at NECOEM. The NECOEM Nyla Medlock Scholarship Funds will  benefit women students/residents with travel stipends to attend AOHC (ACOEM's annual conference) and will also provide stipends for new women-owned businesses to exhibit at NECOEM.

33% of the leaders placed by Medlock Consulting are women and ethnically diverse leaders! We have successfully completed assignments for Medical Directors, Physician Executives, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, RN-COHN and Health and Safety Leaders for Fortune 500 corporations, medical health systems, hospitals, universities, clinics, DOD, and DOE!

Medlock Consulting enjoys a 96% successful completion rate. 80% of the leaders Medlock Consulting places remain 10+ years with the companies in which they are placed.

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