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Medical Occupational Health Consulting Medical Board

*Expert Medical Advisory Board specializing in Pandemics and  their effects

*Available and ready to assist you and your company!


A premiere consulting service, MDOHC  provides individual consultants or teams. We provide services for companies with any level of consultation needs, from local to global! During the pandemic, MDOHC has proven to be invaluable in helping companies through the advisory board researching, networking, collaborating, and  providing sustainable solutions. These companies have recognized the need to keep the teams in place for long term advice as well. 

Medical Occupational Health Consulting Services

Occupational Health is the promotion and maintenance, to the highest degree, of physical, mental, and social well-being of workers in all occupations by promoting the healthiest environment possible, controlling risks, and adapting work to people and people to their jobs. Occupational Health and Safety Consultants analyze many types of work environments and work procedures. Consultants inspect workplaces for adherence to regulations on safety, health, and the environment. They also design programs to prevent illness and injury to workers and damage to the environment.

MDOHC is concerned with keeping people well at work — physically and mentally. This includes advising about workplace safety and the prevention of occupational injuries and illness, assessing fitness for work, and helping rehabilitate employees who have suffered injury or sickness back into work. MDOHC’s services are also used to assist organizations in managing absence situations, both short and long term.

Being out of work has significant, negative effects on the physical and mental health of individuals. There is good evidence that getting back to work not only improves self-esteem but also aids recovery and rehabilitation for the person. Forty million working days are lost every year to occupational poor health. A third of people claiming incapacity benefit have come from work.

MDOHC is, therefore, important for the economy, for society, and for the individual.

Primary Responsibilities of MDOHC Consultants

  • Focus on the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and resolution of health conditions caused by the workplace environment

  • Assess the origin of worker injury and illness, taking past history, work conditions, and other factors into consideration so that injuries and illnesses are properly classified and treated appropriately to ensure workers’ safe return to work

  • Manage and monitor the health of employees and improve their well-being through health promotion and education in the workplace

  • Address business-related issues for medical facilities and healthcare providers so they can prioritize providing care

  • Gather and analyze data and then draw conclusions and present findings in the form of recommendations to their clients

  • Help doctors or healthcare facilities with a range of regulatory issues, such as complying with insurance and safety plans, keeping patient information confidential, and disposing of hazardous waste

  • Suggest ways that a client can lower exposure to malpractice lawsuits or address such lawsuits when they come up

  • Improve the human condition at the macro level, one business at a time

  • Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to identify an issue or apply medical knowledge in industries that are not led by physicians

  • Focus around the industry-client relationship

Meet The Team

Senior Doctor

Martin J. Sepulveda, MD

Martin J. Sepulveda, M.D., FACP, is an IBM Fellow, Institute of Medicine Member and former Vice President of Health Systems and Policy Research, Research Division, IBM Corporation. I collaborate in research related to population health, workforce productivity, health care delivery and health systems improvement.

Primary areas of interest are data and analytics for health and economic development in

cities, primary care, children, youth and young adults, and performance in the workplace. I previously served as IBM VP Integrated Health Services and led health policy and strategy, health benefits innovation and purchasing, occupational health and well-being services for IBM globally.

I have demonstrated leadership and expertise in: public health, health systems and policy, health care and health benefits strategy/assessment and administration, team building and multidisciplinary collaboration, business processes, productivity, quality systems, health information technology, measurement and research.

image (11).png

Mark Cunningham-Hill, MD

Dr. Mark Cunningham-Hill MB ChB (MD), FFOM, FACOEM is a transformative Senior Executive and expert physician who excels at strategic thought and execution. A dynamic and knowledgeable driver of innovative quality employee health services around the world, Dr. Cunningham-Hill is known for his innovative approaches. He is focused on protecting and improving the health of employees and on building healthy companies.

In his 25 years at GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson, he has filled roles with increasing responsibility, giving him extensive global experience. This experience spans Occupational Medicine, Wellness, Mental Well-being, Work/ Life Effectiveness, Personal Energy Management, Digital Health Technologies, Occupational Health & Hygiene Risk Management, and Well Building Design. Dr. Cunningham-Hill has developed industry-leading programs that have improved the health of employees and have helped make GSK and Johnson & Johnson thought leaders in Employee Health. He is an expert in protecting employees from highly potent, biologically-active pharmaceutical agents through risk-based controls. He has extensive governance experience and is ISO14001 Lead Auditor certified.

Dr. Cunningham-Hill is recognized as someone who transforms organizations by creating a culture of health and guiding improved business performance and productivity while reducing costs. He is an advocate in creating an environment where employees can actively engage in their health and achieve their ‘best self’ at work, at home, and in their communities. He is focused on action and results-leveraging data and enterprising health goals that drive transformational change. Dr. Cunningham-Hill is a strong believer in utilizing technology and innovation to power employee engagement and maximize business benefit.


Jessica Herzstein, MD

Dr. Jessica Herzstein, M.D., M.P.H. is a specialist in Preventive Medicine and Occupational and Environmental Health. Her work focuses on the science of early detection of disease and on health crisis preparedness, response, and communications. As Global Medical Director of a Fortune 200 manufacturing company, she has led Health Strategy, Health Crisis Planning, Hazard Assessment, and Health Risk Communication. She currently advises organizations on a broad range of common health issues relating to COVID-19, guiding Safe Business Operations and Communications and best practices for Adapting to Pandemic Conditions and maintaining productive and resilient workers. 

Dr. Herzstein served a five year term as a member of the US Preventive Services Task Force, the National Panel of health experts who are appointed to develop evidence-based guidelines for clinical preventive services, including healthy behaviors and screening tests. In previous roles, she managed medical surveillance programs at the Department of Defense and evaluated Environmental Medical Response for the Harvard Institute of International Development and the U.S. Agency for International Development. She served on the faculty at two medical schools and currently lectures at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. She has written and edited articles and books on Environmental Medicine, Preventive Medicine, International Health, and evidence-based decision making. She received her medical training at Yale, Harvard, and UCSF.

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Dr. Shane Farrelly MFOM, Occupational Health Specialist, CEO & Medical Director SomarMed

Dr. Shane Farrelly is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and completed his training as a General Practitioner in 1985. Between 1985 and 1988, he worked as an Occupational Health Physician in Canada and was appointed Medical Examiner for the Workman’s Compensation Board.


Dr. Farrelly also completed his training as an Occupational Health specialist while he was working for the petro-chemical industry as an Occupational Health Physician assessing individuals who were out of work and putting together appropriate rehabilitation programs to return them to their pre-injury or pre-illness function.


On his return to Ireland in 1988 and in his role as an Occupational Health Specialist since, he has taken a very proactive approach in helping case manage employee injury/illness in conjunction with the employee's Family Physician and attending Consultant in order to help facilitate a return to work. This has significantly reduced company costs.

Dr. Farrelly is CEO and Medical Director of SomarMed, an Independent Medical Adviser to the Irish Injuries Board, Senior Medical Advisor to the Irish Health & Safety Authority, Chief Medical Officer to Henkel Ireland, Chief Medical Officer to Eir, 
European Medical Director to Xilinx, and Regional Health Manager to a number of European companies with footprints in North, Central, and South America.


Through his appointment as Independent Medical Assessor to the Irish State Claims Agency (2001) and the Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurances (1991), Shane has gained significant experience in the medical assessment of employer liability related cases. Dr. Farrelly has also advised the Irish Equality Authority on an independent basis, was appointed as Senior Medical Advisor to the Irish Health and Safety Authority in 2014, has been an advisor to the European Foundation and the Irish Aviation Authority, has acted as an expert witness since 1988, and provides assistance to the Irish courts in Complex Occupational Health cases.

Dr Gao.JPG

Jianing Gao, MD 

Dr. Gao got his MD degree in 1995, and afterward, he practiced as a Physicianat the University Hospital for almost seven years. He went to Swiss TropicalInstitute in Basel to pursue his Master's degree of International Health in 1999.He earned his PhD degree of Occupational Medicine & Environmental Medicine at Fudan University School of Public Health in 2010. He joined BP as Production Site Physician in 2002 after returning to China from Switzerland. Two years later, Dr. Gao was promoted as the BP China Medical Advisor. In 2005 he moved back to Shanghai from Beijing after joining BASF as the Country Medical Leader. In 2008, he was promoted to Regional Medical Director of BASF Asia Pacific. In 2010, he joined General Motors as Regional Medical Director, covering multiple regions including APAC, Australia and New Zealand, EU, UK, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East. Dr. Gao has comprehensive experience and knowledge on Corporate Medicine, Workplace Health and Wellbeing, International Health Management, and Medical Crisis Management. He also serves in leadership roles in multiple academic organizations.

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